Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery 300x226 celebrity female plastic surgery
Many Hollywood actresses choose to have plastic surgery done in order to improve their chances at getting a movie role. We are not in the least surprised that Lara Spencer also decided to undergo some procedures that made her appear younger. Lara is not young anymore but she looks fresher than many other women her age. The actress claimed the cosmetic surgery rumors are unfounded but her face looks smooth and wrinkle free. It is quite clear Spencer had botox injections done to smooth over the fine lines on her forehead and possibly her eyes.

Her case is however a lucky one and the actress appears natural looking. The actress’ smile lines go unnoticed so probably fillers were injected in the area for a more youthful look. Of course, good genes probably also had something to do with it and the actress is well known for taking care of her skin and keeping a balanced diet. We cannot know for sure whether the actress had any surgery done to her face and if she did, her surgeon did an amazing job. Lara Spencer did not go overboard with her assumed procedures so everyone who considers surgery should follow her example.

Lara Spencer plastic surgery 237x300 celebrity female plastic surgery

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